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Our Mission

Providing hope and restoration for victims and survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

Our Vision

Empowering survivors of human trafficking to lead healthy and independent lives.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8

Rejuvenating Women

Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. We encourage victims and survivors of human trafficking and empower them to lead healthy, independent lives. RW is committed to developing long-lasting relationships with the women who have experienced significant trauma. We raise awareness of human trafficking in Omaha and surrounding communities. We help them restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

We raise awareness of human trafficking in Omaha, Nebraska, and surrounding communities. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers invest in the lives of each individual living in the recovery residential home as well as those participating in other programs or services that we offer.

Rejuvenating Women believes in a multidisciplinary team approach and tailoring the best possible care for each survivor and prevention of future human trafficking. Our integrated curriculum and trauma informed approach honors diverse perspectives and experiences, and intended prevention of future human trafficking.

Types of Programs and Services we offer:

Tier 1,  Short-Term Housing – We offer a multitude of services including case management for our new short-term transitional housing assistance for up to 90-days.

Tier 2, Long-Term Housing – Residential therapeutic program includes, but is not limited to individual and group therapy, case management, mentorship, legal services, tattoo branding removal, equine therapy, occupational therapy services, life-skills classes, and receive comprehensive medical care. This tier requires a commitment to the program for 18-24 months.

Mentoring Program – One to one mentorship program that includes an individualized healthy relationship-building approach.

Virtual Case Consultation – Created during the COVID-19 crisis. Case Consultation is done virtually for those unable to physically attend the RW program.

The Restored Wings long-term program includes four distinct phases:

Phase 1: RW Restoration Program (0-6 months)

Residents will participate in intensive programming focused on restoration of mind, body, and soul including therapy, DBT, equine therapy, 12 step recovery groups, Bible studies, health and nutrition, and classes that teach relapse prevention, boundaries, and healing from the trauma of trafficking.

All medical, dental and mental needs will be provided and addressed with medical supervision from multiple providers if needed.

Phase 2: RW Exploration Program (6-12 months approx.)

This phase will focus on growth and exploring opportunities outside of the Restored Wings Home.

Individual work and volunteer internships will be set up during this phase and/or education will be pursued while they will continue to attend programming specifically more life skills.

Phase 3: RW Connection Program (12-18 months approx.)

This phase is focused on connecting to the outside world through employment and/or education. Each woman in this phase will be continuing to learn life skills and working towards gaining transportation. 

These life skills will include money management and car maintenance. They will continue to develop relationships in RW while they are encouraged to develop new connections with safe people outside of RW.

Phase 4: RW Leadership Program (18-24 months approx.)

This phase is focused on becoming a leader and obtaining independence. 

Each women in this program will be working and/or attending school and be working towards a plan for housing, transportation, and supporting themselves financially. They will be given leadership opportunities in the RW home and the support to become a leader in the community. They will have the option to continue therapy as they grow and step out on their own.

If you have questions and would like information regarding any of our programs, please email us at; info@rejuvenatingwomen.org


We raise awareness and train on human trafficking in Nebraska at conferences, churches, community events, colleges, and universities. Through education, we can take steps toward prevention.

Awarness - Human Trafficking in Nebraska


We advocate for victims rights and speak on behalf of survivors in the legislature and before the judiciary committee. We offer support to local and state law enforcement and associated government agencies. We are committed to creating an environment where sex trafficking no longer occurs.


We walk beside our survivors of human sex trafficking, loving them exactly where they are in life while helping restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. With vocational training, education, and redemption support, we assist them in regaining their independent lives.

survivors of human trafficking


We protect survivors of sex trafficking by providing a safe and compassionate environment in which they can heal. Our short and long-term Restored Wings program allows survivors a 5,500 square foot home in which to live and receive free services to help them regain their lives.

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