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Restored Wings Program

Restored Wings ProgramThe Rejuvenating Women Restored Wings Recovery Program was created to provide a home and a family atmosphere for victims and survivors of human trafficking. It is a safe and compassionate environment where women who have suffered sexual exploitation and trafficking can begin to heal.

The Restored Wings Home is a beautiful 5,500 square foot refuge that offers a warm and loving environment that the women call their home. Our passion is to help every woman find love, healing, joy and, peace by choosing to work through her pain with our multidisciplinary support team provided to those in our program and receiving services.

The Restored Wings Home is the first and only of its kind in the state of Nebraska. We are the only faith-based home with both a short and long-term therapeutic treatment program specifically created only for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.  We allow our survivors to stay for up to two years and provide them in-depth trauma counseling, case management, free tattoo branding removal and cover-up, and free legal services during this time. We understand that each woman is in a different place in her healing, thus, we individualize treatment to give her the best care possible. We also focus on education, financial literacy, job training, career strengths and aim to teach her the much-needed life skills so that she can thrive and live independently.

Round-the-clock staff is present in the home to provide support, companionship, and safety for each survivor especially throughout the night as that is typically the most difficult time for her.

Restored Wings Program - Helping Women of Human Trafficking in Nebraska

At Restored Wings, our survivors pay no rent or fees. It is mandatory that she work or attend school part-time while living in the home once she has medical clearance from her therapist and is ready to re-enter the workforce or classroom setting.  The home is open to help victims of human trafficking, any woman 19 years or older who is a survivor of any form of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Rejuvenating Women understands that healing is a process and we provide as many tools as possible to help her in this journey throughout her stay as well as our Aftercare Program. Graduation is only the beginning of a life of continued healing. There is no real completion or graduation when recovering from such abuse, control, and addiction, but it does mean that this is where the real journey begins.

Programs and Services:

Short-Term Housing  

Our short-term transitional housing is available for survivors for up to 90-days. Our short-term housing assistance offers many services which are available to the resident including case management and trauma therapy.  

Short-term participants will have the opportunity to get connected with other survivors and be teamed up with a mentor.

Long-Term Housing Program

Rejuvenating Women offers an 18 to 24-month sanctuary for women age 19+ at the Restored Wings home. The Residential Program empowers women of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to discover their true identities in a safe and loving environment that will allow them to achieve economic freedom and spiritual growth, in addition to attaining physical, mental and emotional healing.

The Restored Wings Program is a long-term program with four distinct phases. Each phase completed is a huge accomplishment and graduates will be rewarded with a celebration dinner, certificate of completion and the opportunity to enter the next phase if they desire to do so. Completion of all four phases will result in a special graduation ceremony. No matter the person, healing takes time and each cornerstone may be tailored to each individual and their particular growth in the program. These cornerstones are a guide and helps residents set goals.

Cornerstone 1: RW Intensive Trauma Recovery Program

This phase starts with rest. Residents are encouraged to rest and get familiar with their new environment. They will receive a tour, complete initial paperwork, review and sign the resident handbook, complete assessments, meet their Case Manager.

Safety is a top priority. This phase is to ensure each woman’s immediate needs of safety are met.

Cornerstone 2: RW Internship Program

This phase will focus on growth. The resident will be actively practicing the new concepts they have been learning such as: healthy boundaries, distress tolerance and mindfulness techniques, work through triggers and unhealthy urges. The resident will continue to review their goals and set new long-term goals with their Case Manager as they continue to grow and move towards change. The resident’s schedule will be adjusted as the internship which will reduce certain class time.  

Cornerstone 3: RW Transitional Program

This phase is focused on consistency. The resident will be able to distinguish between thoughts and feelings, replace lies with God’s truth, and recognize their own unhealthy thought patterns, emotional regulation, an awareness of your strengths and spiritual gifts. 

The resident will focus on the next steps of their life such as employment or education and housing. The resident may be able to find a job approved by their therapist. In this phase the resident may be able to work towards obtaining a vehicle. 

Cornerstone 4: Independent Living Program

This phase is focused on maintaining the new life the resident has formed. They will be able to make significant steps towards furthering their education and career, independently providing their own transportation, as well as achieve their own housing. The resident may take on leadership roles & tasks in the RW home.

If you have questions and would like information regarding any of our programs and services, please email us at; info@rejuvenatingwomen.org.


98% of the Program Participants are in 675.5 hours of therapy and programming each month.


99% of the Program Participants are learning life skills 67.5 hours each month.


100% of the Program Participants are connected with 16 to 27 healthy and safe people that support them and continue to build them up even after they are finished with the program.

Testimonials From Restored Wings Residents

11/23/21 – “I no longer cry in tears of despair I cry because He has rescued me and set me free forever!”
~ RW Resident, “Esther”

10/31/21 – “I had been taken to many different locations under the power and control of human traffickers, little did I know the painful reality was it was the results of my mother’s greed. I finally decided I no longer wanted to do drugs, suddenly I wanted to plot my escape once and for all. I made a run for it, I ran and ran until I came to a pancake restaurant where two police officers sat. I went to the ER and then MIRACULOUSLY got onto a plane to Rejuvenating Women with no I.D. arriving with only one outfit and small bag from the hospital. That’s a small part of the story of how God saved me and RW is a miracle that God sent me. I no longer am sleeping outside and strung out on drugs, I no longer have to stay awake and be scared of getting kidnapped and I am no longer being sold for unwanted sexual favors! RW reflects God’s character, and I am BEYOND blessed. Praise God.”~ “RW Resident”
“Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it” ~ Luke 17:33

12/24/19 – “Being a part of the Rejuvenating Women family, I’ve been able to build a community of women who have shown me that my past no longer defines who I am. I no longer feel like a burden.”
~ RW Resident

4/3/19 – “Rejuvenating Women has given me a place and the space to heal, and to relearn social skills healthy habits of everyday living.”
~ RW Program Graduate


Key Objectives of the Program

Rejuvenating Women has designed a program that utilizes paid and volunteer staff, therapists, mentors, processing groups, and psychoeducational classes to address the 10-steps of trauma recovery outlined in the Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment model adapted for trafficking survivors by Becca C. Johnson, PhD. While the residential program is our primary focus, Rejuvenating Women recognizes that there are many women who need and desire this type of intervention but may not qualify or choose to live at Restored Wings Home. Therefore, non-residents may apply to participate in day only programming.

The non-resident survivors still benefit from all the services as women who are residents. These women have secured safe housing elsewhere, yet still, need the support of Restored Wings on their path to wellness. The Rejuvenating Women staff and volunteers undergo training on creating a secure foundation for trauma survivors. We provide a high level of care and always seek best practices. By providing the much-needed love and compassion, consistency and boundaries in our program, we set every program participant up for success. 

  • Provides unconditional love and compassion for each survivor regardless of race or religious beliefs.
  • Make available opportunities for survivors to attend support groups, addiction groups, DBT, prayer, Bible studies, crisis intervention services, and other special activities throughout their stay.
  • Meet the needs of survivors with ongoing therapy by trained counselors and social workers. This includes a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program with a ten-step process. This leads each survivor to a place where she can verbalize her abuse and find emotional healing.
  • Provide access through our partners in the community for free legal and tattoo removal and cover-up services for those in the Restored Wings program.

  • Residents and day program participants benefit from life-skill classes focused on health and wellness.

  • Integrate survivors into a loving, safe community of support that provides assistance while addressing pressing legal, medical, and emotional needs.

  • Rejuvenating Women works with other organizations to help recover survivors from situations and to find a temporary safe place to stay if needed until a long-term solution is found whether at our Restored Wings home or with another organization. We do what is best for her, not ourselves.