Administrative Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Julie Shrader is married, has one daughter and three grandsons. Julie is the Founder and CEO of Rejuvenating Women and the Restored Wings Recovery Home. As a survivor of sexual abuse, exploitation and domestic violence, Julie’s desire is to provide a safe place where survivors who suffer from complex trauma can begin to heal. Her vision has always been to show every single survivor love and compassion while giving her the freedom to discover who God says she is. Julie prays that going through the Restored Wings short or long-term Program, she will fulfill her lifelong desires and dreams.

Julie helps to raise awareness of all forms of human trafficking in the community and passionately prays to stop the buyers as well as those selling human beings.

Her future plans are to create a home for children and minors and to educate on pornography because if there is no demand, there will be no victims.

Julie enjoys being physically active and makes running a part of her routine as well as lifting weights, reading and quality time with her family.

Operations Manager

Janel Reeves is mother to four lovely girls and stepmom to three young men. She married her husband Steve five years ago and became a mother-in-law to her daughter’s new husband as well. Janel started her career in radio straight out of high school and stuck to it over several decades. Her move over to Rejuvenating Women reflects her heart for those who are hurting. Over the years, she has frequently served in the children’s department at church and she enjoys trying new recipes in her home kitchen.

Carla Brown
Human Resource Manager

Carla Brown is a tremendous blessing to this organization! Carla started with us as a dedicated volunteer and how has moved into Human Resources. Carla is dependable and shows up consistently with a big beautiful smile on her face.

Cherine Bishara
Events & Marketing Coordinator

Cherine was born in Iowa City, IA. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a BFA and Art Education certification. Cherine found her way to Omaha, NE where she resides with her two children and a kitty. Though she has been a supporter of RW for many years, a fieldwork experience brought her into the Restored Wings home and now as an employee. She brings a diverse skill set, heart for healing and love of and for God to the Rejuvenating Women team. She enjoys time in the Loess Hills, native Nebraska prairies, engaging in physical activities and spending quality time with her kiddos.

Administrative Assistant

Samantha is Hawaii born and Iowa raised, and the youngest of five siblings.

She has had a passion for human trafficking awareness, prevention, and recovery since the beginning of high school.

She has periodically volunteered with rejuvenating women and various other anti-human trafficking organizations, but a mission trip to Cambodia and Thailand solidified her desire to help survivors in her own community.

She found the opportunity for a full-time position at RW and is thrilled to join the team.

In her free time, she loves to bake and cook and starting in the fall she will start pursuing a degree in mortuary science.