Considering Restored Wings?

Initial Questionnaire


We think it’s great that you are considering joining the Restored Wings Housing Program. The program is a voluntary faith-based recovery program for women who are seeking a life change, healing, and restoration.

We offer housing for women who have left human trafficking and sexual exploitation recently or long ago. Our program is of no financial cost to those that reside in the home while participating in daily classes that include individual counseling, therapeutic groups, career planning, life skills training, and Case Management. At some point in the program, the residents are encouraged to work part-time or attend college classes to prepare for their independent future.

We ask that you answer the questionnaire and essay questions, in the form below, as the first step. We will review your information to help decide if our program is a good fit for you, then contact you regarding the next steps.

Thank you for considering the Restored Wings Program. We commend you for your courage in stepping forward to pursue change!


The Rejuvenating Women Team
P.O. Box 31841
Omaha, NE 68131