The Salvation Army Wellspring program provides individual and group therapy to survivors at Rejuvenating Women. Survivors attend Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group weekly with licensed mental health professionals to work on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. These concrete skills provide a foundation for personal growth and healing; and over time, become lifelong skills to coping with internal/external stressors, manage emotions, and develop healthy relationships with others.

The survivors at Rejuvenating Women are also connected to a licensed therapist for individual therapy. All therapy provided is trauma informed and seeks to empower clients through strengths-based techniques, recognition of the Client as an expert in their own healing, and respect for the client’s boundaries and autonomy. Clients take an active role in identifying their personal goals for therapy and monitoring their progress. When clients are ready, they are able to process past trauma in a safe and supportive environment utilizing CBT, EMDR, solution focused, and narrative modalities. Providing clients with knowledge, tools, support, and empowerment allow clients to heal from the past and thrive in the future.

Any individual who has been involved in the commercial sex industry is eligible for The Salvation Army Wellspring Program. This means that clients of Rejuvenating Women can continue to receive therapy services after leaving Rejuvenating Women, which provides them with long term resources and supports.

Written by, Helen Poulos-Schweer, Frances Holeton, & Rachel Smith,
Salvation Army Wellspring Therapists



Rejuvenating Women



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