Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Trafficking

Satanic Ritual Abuse Trafficking

Satanic ritual abuse trafficking is real and occurs happens all throughout the United States. It may be well hidden in your very own city or town. SRA isn’t talked about and is rarely reported to anyone yet is so very prevalent. says that “Satanic Ritual Abuse is narrowly defined as an assault (either psychological, physical, or sexual) that takes place on an individual as part of a liturgy or ordered pattern incorporated into a ceremony of worship aimed at Satan, the Christian devil. As such, ritual abuse is one type of occult-related crime but different from other types of occult crimes such as the adoption of Satanic symbols and language by a serial killer or Satanic ceremonies that include only legal and voluntary activities.” Satanic Ritual Abuse is performed done for the purposes of religious worship. The people performing doing religious ritual abuse may or may not define themselves as “Satanic”. As a matter of fact, Many of them hide in our churches and ministries and claim to be “Christian”.  This type of Anyone doing such extreme abuse to babies and children could only be explained in the context of a some religious ceremony is doing it influenced by demons and carried out for Moloch or Baphomet. In fact,  All SRA has a satanic component, simply just by the nature of what is done. One can’t be engaged in such do such evil without utilizing or at least inviting demons into the rituals.   

Restored Wings – Rejuvenating Women is the only anti-trafficking organization providing services to victims in Nebraska who specialize in the added trauma’s and spiritual aspects of SRA trafficking. It is mandatory for the Rejuvenating Women staff to attend regularly scheduled SRA trainings so that they are equipped to care for the individual effectively the best way possible. Learning best practices and creating new policies geared toward SRA training is vital to the Restored Wings Program.  

As of June 2022, RW has seen an influx of SRA abuse survivors come through our doors.  Over the past 3 years, approximately 85% of the women we serve have previous SRA trafficking in their past previously experienced SRA trafficking. Most the majority of the women, were children when the abuse and trafficking began and we continue to help adults who were raised in the SRA life.but the trauma stemming from it lasts well into adulthood; because of this we continue to help adults navigate their trauma from being raised in that environment. 

PubMed states that “Ideological strategies used by perpetrators as well as Dissociative Identity Disorders experienced by those affected are associated with more severe symptoms (η²p = 0.11; η²p = 0.15), while an exit out of the ORA structures is associated with milder symptoms (η²p = 0.11). Efforts are needed to improve health care services for individuals who experience severe and complex psychiatric disorders due to ORA in their childhood.”  

We are educating the public about SRA trafficking to raise awareness and speak honestly about this brutal type of trafficking that is uncomfortable to hear about but necessary to learn about.and doing our part to raise awareness and speak the truth about this type of trafficking that no one likes talking about. 

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