Be An Ambassador

Be An Ambassador or Influencer

An ambassador is meant to embody the identity of your organization in every way including, appearance, values and ethics. The Ambassador educates others about Rejuvenating Women and shares with them what we do for human trafficking survivors. The Ambassador  champions around RW and gets involved however he or she wishes. They can fundraise or make connections for RW, but they chose how to help.

Ambassadors & Influencers:

  • Communicate with the media
  • Engage with the public
  • Influence RW through social media
  • Make connections
  • Lend their weight
  • Funnel followers into a donor program or giving day campaign
  • Outreach/Awareness
  • Fundraise for RW
How do you become an RW Ambassador or Influencer?
  • Email us at,
  • Fill out this online application and share with us what you would like to do as an Ambassador of RW.

Interested in helping our organization by being an Ambassador? Please complete the application, below, to get started!
Volunteers must be 25 or older

This is the initial volunteer application. Upon completion, we will conduct a phone or in-person meeting to hear more about you, your desire to get involved with us, and your skills. Thanks so much for your interest in becoming an ambassador!