Written by a Restored Wings Resident

Dear future me,

Before jail, I was in prostitution. I don’t miss that life. It was hard.

When I went to jail I asked God to show me where he wants me to go. I was lost and scared. I didn’t want to go back to that life.

The program’s instructor told me about Rejuvenating Women so I filled out an application. I also filled out applications for two other places. I was denied for all three places but Rejuvenating Women gave me a chance to explain myself. They finally accepted me and my attorney convinced the judge to let me out of jail and come to this program.

Since I’ve been here my life has changed. Because of this program, I am going to finish school and become an advocate for abused women of all kinds. I will be getting my family involved and start a change this world needs.

I hope you are strong-minded, happy, confident, and dedicated. You will have experienced love, courage, bravery, and another chance at a family. I’m so proud that you made it through all of the struggles. You stayed strong and didn’t give up. 

You are strong, powerful, free, renewed, and loved. Most of all, you are…BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN.


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