Support, Protect & Restore Survivors of Human Trafficking

Rejuvenating Women

with Keynote Speaker, Jessa Dillow-Crisp
Rejuvenating women helps women become free of human trafficking in Nebraska.


Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to individuals who have been trafficked and sexually exploited in Nebraska and throughout the country.

We empower survivors of human trafficking to lead healthy and independent lives. Rejuvenating Women assists in the prevention of future human trafficking by providing a trauma-informed short and long-term term housing recovery program while helping to restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Working together, we can put an end to human trafficking in Omaha, Nebraska.


Rejuvenating Women had a 21% increase of individuals reach out for assistance in 2021 from 2020.
Sadly, due to COVID -19 and the border crisis, trafficking is increasing. Please stand with us in prayer for the survivors all across the globe.  

45% of

cross state lines in order to be sold for sex.

1 in 4 children 

are victims of modern slavery 

24.9 million

from around the world are denied freedom because of Trafficking.


$2.5 billion
in profits

are estimated to be from illicit massage parlors.

Sources from *Creighton University study with Heider College sponsored by the Women Fund of Omaha/Polaris Project/US Department of State/US Customs and Border Protection


98% of the Program Participants are in 172 hours of therapy and programming each month.


98% of the Program Participants are learning life skills 30 hours each month.


100% of the Program Participants are connected with 14 to 25 healthy and safe people that support them and continue to build them up even after they are finished with the program.

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